Sunday, June 27, 2010

SENZ Sunday Times - Edition Eight

SENZ is in two and a half weeks! Where did the time go?

Class Brings Lists
These have been finalised and are available for online viewing. Simply click into the class that you are attending and find the "What to Bring" link. Here you will see what is recommended and other items that are optional.

New class opening
We are allocating some seats in the Sunday 9am - 11am Vintage Clock class for people who may want to complete one of the other classes they may have missed out on. Melissa Kennedy will be teaching the clock class while Al Hannah will work with the others. If you want to book in for this option, just select the class you want to do and then email us a note to say it's for the Sunday 9am session.

It's pretty crazy around here at the moment. A whole lot of new stock came back with us from Brisbane and we've been trying to get it online. We've also been putting in lots of International orders (and hoping they'll get here before SENZ!). Most days we're making up the class kits, ordering goods and generally making sure we are ready.

This weekend I was in Dunedin and so I set about to find some Hot Pink material for our aprons and table covers. I was really thrilled to find the exact fabric that I had dreamed of in Spotlight (and on VIP special). I bought 30m of it and then took it outside...into the bright daylight... and to my horror it was REALLY BRIGHT PINK!! Sort of like flourescent bright pink...!! Let's just say you won't miss us! We will be decorating them with the iRock - a great tool that adheres bling to fabric and papers. Keep your eye on the website and be in quick to purchase yours.

I have been working long, hard hours lately to make sure we are well prepared - so I gave myself most of Friday evening to do some crafts! I ended up making some samples for the stall (is that still work?!). I was pretty pleased with my efforts - two Twiddleybitz projects. One of them is a Christmas tree (is it too early to be thinking Christmas?) and the other is an ornate shelf. I successfully used crackle medium to get that French Provincial look and had a bit of fun with Smooch Spritz. I have a feeling that might be the last of the 'playing' I get done before SENZ.

Next weekend we are transforming the classroom into the SENZ stall. That way we can plan what we need to take with us to Christchurch and how the stall will be decorated etc. I'm looking forward to that. I've always loved moving furniture around!

Chat soon

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