Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SENZ Weekly Wednesday - Edition Six

Miracles do happen... It's still Wendesday and I've done the post!

Another way to look at it is that it's PAST 11:30pm and I'm still working! We've been at the shop all night packing the stall fittings onto pallets. I do love fitting boxes together like a jigsaw.

Tuesday was a manic day (poor Juanita and Vicki!). Even I managed to get sore stomach muscles from leaning over the tables making kits. We had a goal to make all the class kits in one day - and we pretty much did it - with a little help from some friends! We were really grateful to all of you who volunteered to help us over this past week. We've had Lynne, Viv, Genevieve, Susan, Pat, Randy, Sarah and Janelle kindly pop into the shop and offer to help. I should have taken photos of the MESS and CHAOS and all the wonderful helpers! But we were too busy running around like headless chooks (well I was!)

I guess it's best to be running around now and nice and calm for SENZ knowing that everything has been done well.

Today we started out bit more calm and Betsy was kind enough to run the weekly card class (champion!). But by 2pm we put the pedal down and realised there were a hundred card kits that we needed to make for selling at the stall. Poor Ella came in after school again today and helped us finish them off! On the bright side - she might be getting close to buying that camera she's after.

Tonight we started packing furniture. We're going a bit high-class this year. We're even taking the new Demo stations with us! Why not have lovely furniture at the right height when you're working long hours? We'll have one in the classroom and one at the stall. All our favourite craft tools will be on hand and we'll be able to move it around. Fun! And they've got lovely pink wallpaper on them!

In fact, talking about Demos - you really must pop by the Stall and the Demo Theatre. We're there each day at 10:30am and 1pm. We've got special demonstrators showing off a couple of fab tools, and we'll be showing 3 other products/tools as well and will be offering specials on them. I can't say anymore - but we did lots of giveaways last year...

Well, I must go now and dream of packing boxes and all those last minute things that need doing. Most of you might be wondering why we're so organised?! Well we booked flights to Auckland on Saturday so we could catch up with some friends before SENZ. So everything has to be finished by 5:30pm Friday!

I suspect tomorrow night will be much later...
I did want to post some bios from the Kaiser girls - but they've been pretty busy too with Expos and changes in life. So perhaps next week! In fact next week will be an interesting post. We would have all arrived in Auckland and will have retired to the holiday house we are renting. Let's just say we were fortunate enough to be upgraded and I would call it a mansion. We need to take our togs for the spa. Ahhhhh I coud do with one of those tonight!

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