Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Challenge - Favorite Colors!

Hi Everyone

We have no Centre-Stage this month as we are so busy with SENZ - but we have a fun Challenge lined up for you. We have not one but TWO fabulous sketches for inspiration (see below) as well as a gorgeous layout from Sandy to inspire us too.  This month the Challenge is:


Sandy's Layout
Look at this gorgeous LO from Sandy and read about how she cleverly uses color to great effect.
"After shape, colour is the most important element in my projects. It allows me to create focus and to direct the eye around my layout. Here is the color palette from this layout"

In this design I used colour to create a frame-within-a-frame effect. The photo sits on the (relatively) white space of Teresa Collin's Calendar paper which is anchored by a border of yellow and orange papers. Everything is then held together with a grey geometric-patterned paper.

To get a sense of moment I created a diagonal starting from the bird in the top left corner, through the gazes of girl and the doll in the photo, to the clock in the bottom right. Then used a visual triangle of three coral-coloured items to balance the diagonal. These are the foliage paper on top, the tab on the right and the resin flower in the girl's hair.

Sketch Inspiration
This month our inspirational sketches come from Sketches in Thyme. Find their blog here and Facebook page here. They have some really fabulous sketches and sketch designer Tiffany will be judging our Challenge too! I have selected 2 fun sketches here which will offer something for everyone. One simple and one a little more complex - we know you can create something fabulous with these!

Entering the Challenge
To enter the challenge - send a picture of your project to us.
Email us a picture of your project and PLEASE name the file you send with your full name as this makes it a lot easier for us to administer the competition! Send your entry to by midnight Saturday 28th July.

If you can - please remember to include the following :

  • Your name! (You would be surprised how many people forget this :-))
  • Tell us if this is your first time entering - (if it is you are eligible for the First Time Entry prize too)
  • Your blog (if you have one)
  • If your project has a special story behind it - we'd love to hear it!You can send us as many entries as you like. We will be featuring all entries at the end of the Challenge and you can find all the entries on our Competition Gallery.
Please post a comment if you have any questions - we really look forward to seeing your entries!


  1. I have several questions. Do we use the colors shown in this post or do we use our own favorite colors? Since you posted 2 sketches, are we supposed to use one of them? What is the due date? What is the prize? How are the projects judged - best or random?

  2. Hi Lynda. Hopefully someone emailed you the answer (while we were in Aussie and at SENZ!) But I will post the answer here too so others can read it. Our challenges are always braod - so you can use your favourite colours, use one or both of the sketches in any way you like (interpretive is fine) and the projects need to be in by the end of the month for our Sunday post. So this month it will be for midnight Saturday the 28th (we should have popped the date on the blog but I can see we didn't - apologies). The judging is often quite random and sometimes it's the best! It really all depends who does the judging. The first time entrant award must be a first-timer and may be drawn out of a hat or selected. The others change each month. We like to encourage everyone to enter and enjoy mixing up the judgin process. We look forward to you joining in the fun :-)