Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy 6 month anniversary!

Artfull Crafts opened our shop 6 months ago! It's certainly flown by. Happy Birthday to us!

I'm going to be missing in action for the next few days. I'm in a BIG Sweet Adelines Barbershop chorus in Christchurch. 3 of us travel from Timaru to Christchurch every week for rehearsals and this weekend it's the National Champs in Wellington where we will qualify for the Houston, Texas International Champs in 2010.

We had extra rehearsals last weekend where we worked really hard and then topped it off with a wonderful Friends and Family show. It's a lot of fun with 130 other women. We sing and dance and wear glamourous costumes. We even wear false eye-lashes and nail polish (not my usual!).

We also performed at the International Champs in 2007 in Calgary Canada and we were placed 9th in the world. Such fun! Anyway, we're off to Christchurch tomorrow for a CTV performance and then off to Wellington on Thursday til Monday. I'm running a class tonight too - so it might be a late one packing!

While I'm away I bet the Prima order will arrive! I've been hanging out for it. It's definitely left America. I've also got stacks of Peelcraft and 3-D Decoupage sheets arriving this week (my local ladies just love it!). And if you want a bargain go and have a look at my $1 res auctions on Trade Me ending during the weekend.

Sorry, got no crafting done this week - so pop in next week and I might even have a scrapped up page of our singing competition.

:-) Liz


  1. Happy 6month Birthday...that has gone so fast it doesnt seem all that long ago that you were posting photos of the new shop

  2. Happy Birthday! Abd good luck in Chch - it sounds like so much fun. :-)