Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miscalculating and a LATE night!

I think it's 3 weeks today that we head to SENZ. Somehow I'd been counting them wrong - I thought I had another week up my sleeve!!!

Anyway, well done to Jenny E for winning a free class at SENZ. She simply purchased a kaisercraft product over the weekend. And there were plenty of choices! The new Kaiser collections - Le Chateau and Konstrukt are really great.

Win a FREE SENZ class to the value of $49 by purchasing your items for the SENZ classes before midnight Sunday the 27th June. Click into the class and find the "What to bring" link.

We've also spent all week loading up new stock. Check it out...More coming in the next few weeks.

Our last class is running at the shop tomorrow until August! Stampin' Fun. Still some vacancies! Call us if you want to come.

Better go to bed - got some strange intention of watching the soccer. I've never watched socccer - so I'm not sure why the renewed interest all of a sudden!! Probably something to do with the fun of going down to the boys' work and watching it on a huge screen in the middle of the night (and taking my sleeping bag. And there are other girls going too... can't be seen to be slack now!!

Juanita might not be happy with me tomorrow though if my brain is fried. Which it has been since I've come back from Brisbane anyway. It's buzzing all day long at the moment. So much to do for SENZ!

Night night!

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