Saturday, June 25, 2011


Through the ash, earthquakes and a train derailment we have made it to Auckland. It really has been the most eventful 48 hours! We are all now lounging around the palace that we are staying in! It has a gym and we've had a bit of fun on the equipment. Here's a couple of photos of our staff and Aussie tutors Mel Kennedy and Al Hannah from Kaisercraft enjoying themselves:

 We didn't get a photo of the "Melfunctioning" Ab swing. Let's just say, she's got bruises...

PJ party in the gym. That's Juanita giving directions and Lowri doing some stretches in the background... Al is trying to escape to the bar and Vicki is looking on with interest!

Relaxing in the spa.

 Relaxing in the comfy lounge.

Monkeying around in the new PJ's that Graham brought me!

After a good night's sleep we were up bright and early in the morning to meet the pallets and set up the make-shift stall. More about the full story next week. But here are some photos of the final set up. We at least managed to put some layouts up on the wall before the customers arrived at 9am!

This is the front part of the stall and we decided to dedicate it to all our Kaisercraft stock. How fabulous to have the Kaiser girls with us! They've sold a lot of the blooms, chalkboard spray and diamond dust for us... And we're having  a lot of laughs here...

We're having a great time... Chat soon with more updates.

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  1. wow there were certainly forces against you!!! im glad it all worked out
    roll on senz 2012......wellington?? fingers crossed