Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing Sandy Ang

Hi everyone - Lowri here. Following on from yesterday where we met Betsy, today we are featuring Sandy. Now, we at Artfull Crafts have been fans of Sandy's work since she started entering our challenges all the way from Singapore and we are thrilled she has joined us on the Design Team. She has a blog full of gorgeous, original projects and vibrant photographs.

Sandy is publishing her first Artfull Crafts blog post tomorrow and it sure to inspire you for our current theme  - "Let's Hear it for the Boys"

We actually featured Sandy as a Guest Artist earlier in the year, so here are her answers to our questions and some new projects she has completed since then.

Sandy lives on the sunny, little island of Singapore. Her designs often involve an interplay of shapes and lines. She designs for her LSS Krafer’s Paradise and US manufacturer Best Creation. 

How were you introduced to scrapbooking?
I chanced upon a LSS when shopping and was like a kid in a candy store when I saw all those amazing scrapbooking supplies. That’s the start of my addiction to this fantastic hobby.
What inspires you for layouts, projects, cards?
My sources of inspiration are varied : ranging from product packaging, through haute couture fashion to origami technique and paper toy design. I’m fascinated by the nature of paper - a light-weight, inexpensive and easily available material. Yet it offers opportunities to create endlessly interesting three-dimensional shapes.
Candy is Dandy
Here’s a lollipop holder I made for a Valentine’s Day swap. It’s basically two heart-shaped pieces held together by tabs at the sides. I usually make a rough sample to work out the dimensions before constructing the actual project using pretty paper. And then pile on the embellishments.

What other project types do you like to work on besides scrapbook pages?
Actually I have to confess that I am not a scrapper. I have only ever done one 12x12 layout – for a design assignment. I make cards, altered projects and paper construction items which serve as either gift packaging or home decoration. I would say I give away 95% of what I make.
What is your favourite scrapbook brand and why?
Right now it’s Sassafras. They have collections that work together so well within a season and across seasons. Their quirky themes, often with the perspective of an adult’s look back on childhood, have just that note of irreverence that really suits my style. Oh, and every time I work with their products, I expand my colour boundaries.
One Sweet Smile
This project is typical of my layered style. For a card, it’s pretty product heavy. I counted 10 supply items taken mainly from Sassafras’s CHA Winter Collections.

What scrapbooking tools/products can you not do without?
I’m very basic when it comes to tools. With scissors, pencil and ruler; I get most of my projects done.
What is your current favorite technique or embellishment?
I really enjoy paper construction : making three dimensional objects with paper. It’s fun working out how to design a template and make something like an armchair card or an interlocking jig-saw shaped box.
Lights, Movie, Popcorn
I was inspired by those B&W era images on G45’s Curtain Call collection to make this giftbox. It consists of two boxes connected through interlocking jigsaw edges. Each box measures 2”x2”x2”. Perfect for gifting movie and popcorn vouchers.

What do you hope to try or improve on this year?
All my projects have a very controlled look to them. I’m trying to cut loose a little and create in a more fluid and flowing way.
What advice can you give to people just beginning to enjoy scrapbooking?
If you see a project you like, find out who the designer is and visit her blog. Most designers don’t mind if you lift their ideas for your personal use. So recreate it using whatever supplies you have on hand. I think making allows you absorb to design elements through a sort of osmosis process that is more intuitive then formal classes. 

Do you have a blog?

It’s Sandy’s Space at
I’d love for you to come visit. If you take the extra time to comment, please know that I appreciate it and love the chance to visit you back.

Here is some more of Sandy's wonderful work..


  1. Splendid work. So thrilled to have you join us! I just LOVE those boxes at the end. So beautiful! :-) Liz

  2. The plane is FANTASTIC! All the projects are awesome but the plane is WOW.
    Looking for ward to working with you on the DT Sandy.

  3. Great to get to know a bit more about you Sandy! Gorgeous projects, love the popcorn box!