Friday, December 7, 2012

Betsy - Table Decorations etc.

Betsy here today to share a couple of table decoration ideas that I have made.
Now, I will have to admit I got these ideas of Pinterest - I love browsing there, if the creative juices dry up!!

This has nothing to do with paper but I thought the idea was cute for the centre of the Christmas table. It isn't expensive to make and can be put together rather quickly. Hot glue the candy sticks round a jam jar then glue in the bunch of flowers. Finish with the ribbon.

How about some angels as place settings! Again very simple to make and I think rather effective. Sorry about the photo but it is very wet here today and I couldn't do the photography outside. Maybe by clicking on it you will get a clearer image.

Just a close up of one of the angels.

On a completely different note, I just have to show you that I have now BRANCHED out into lay-outs!! At Artfull Crafts there is a campaign on at the moment, "Tell-a-Friend" about why we live at such a beautiful location! This photo was taken at our fabulous Caroline Bay, in Timaru. I used Kaisercraft's Rock Pool collection for this - thought it was rather appropriate.

Do remember that there is a lot going on at Artfull Crafts, as Christmas approaches very fast - check out their web-site for lots of specials etc.
Happy crafting to all and many blessings,


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