Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas decorations

Hi everyone!
Hope you are enjoying the countdown to Christmas!

Today I am sharing with you a Christmas decoration I made using 12x 12 papers.
This Christmas "ball" is made using a polystyrene ball as the centre and lots of rolled roses glued to cover the entire surface. The photo does not do this justice! There is lovely sparkly glitter around the outer edges of each individual rose.
The first step is to choose three sheets of patterened paper, and cut 60 circles. I used a 2.5 inch circle punch
Next step : cut into the circle in a spiral pattern as shown here. Trim off the piece as shown to round off the edge
Start to roll the rose, begin with the inside of the spiral and work to the outside like this:
Continue to roll the rose right to the end and let it unravel a little to give a loose rose shape. Secure the tail with a little glue.
Once you have all 60 "roses" rolled up, glue each one individually to a polystyrene ball. ( I used a fast drying glue) glue a piece of ribbon in place to hang your decoration. Once dry, use your finger ( or a paint brush) to smear some glue over the outer edges of each rose and cover with glitter. (This will make the decoration sparkle and glint in the sun or indeed with the lights on your tree.

You could easily use different papers and scatter the roses haphazardly over the polystyrene ball for a different effect.
Enjoy making your home a festive place this Christmas
Happy Christmas, and happy crafting


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  1. This looks spectacular! I bet it took a while to get all the roses made!! Will definitely be giving it a go.