Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Betsy - Table Decoration

Betsy here this morning ladies to continue the Christmas theme, that being home decorations.

Being a card maker only, I do have to stretch my imagination when it comes to stepping over that line, but anyway, here we go. One of my friends came to card making one day with a block of wood and my first thought was, by decorating it up, it would make a lovely centre piece for the table, in the form of a candle. Well, I talked nicely to Kathy and she kindly gave me a wood block and this is the resulting product. Hope you like it ladies - it is so simple to make, really doesn't take much imagination at all!

After cleaning the block I sanded it, then covered it with patterned paper. I added some sepia ink round the edges to age it slightly. I found some gold mesh, berries, poinsettia died flowers, ribbon, and a trailing leaf die which I have lost the packaging for. Then I trotted off to the Warehouse and bought a candle for the completion. What's your thoughts ladies? If I can make one, anyone can!!

Do remember all the pre Christmas fun that is going on at Artfull Crafts at the moment - Thursday is a very big day with the visit of Finnabair, for a couple of classes, fun will be had by all, no doubt, and then Saturday we have the Christmas Events day which is always enjoyable. There are also challenges to participate in and we love seeing all your work, so don't hesitate to take part. Prizes to be won, as well.

Trust you are all enjoying what our lovely design team have been sharing on the blog - some of the ladies are so talented.

All today, happy crafting to all and many blessings,