Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Buy Kaiser Kandy for only $20. Guaranteed $30 - $50 of Kaisercraft products in each bag!! Limit 2 bags. Be in quick. Last time we sold out in 2 days...

If you love Kaiser, you'll love Kaiser Kandy! The bags are ready to be sent...


Okay, we'll be honest. We're excited here at Artfull Crafts. We're off to the Kaisercraft Q2 product launch
in Melbourne at the end of next week! And our talented designers - Hilary and Clarissa are coming too.

Graham and I are popping into the Kaiser Party on our way to Thailand for my brother's wedding (how kind of them to have it on a resort island...). We'll be away for 4 weeks - but Vicki and Juanita will hold the fort just fine!

So to celebrate we're giving away some more Q1 papers!
Read last weeks' post for ways to WIN! It's giveaway time...


  1. What a fab promo, Liz! Hope it goes well :-) and only 10 sleeps...!!!

  2. How exciting...so there will be new kaisercraft goodies around the corner then...yay. Looking forward to recieving my bags of goodies to see wha ti get this time. It fun knowing you have bought something but not knowing what it is and it feel like xmas when you get that package to open and see what surpise waits for you.

  3. How fun for you - 2 great events to travel off too.
    And fun for us too - I have ordered my Kandy bag, can't wait to see what's in it.
    Thanks for doing this for us.