Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Gallery launched - and new Design Team needed!

Yes the exciting day has come. Check out our new gallery.

There is a HIDDEN gallery giveaway in the hallway... I'll say no more...but it will disappear at the end of the weekend...

We're also on the hunt for a Design Team. Head to the Gallery and "Apply Within". Here you'll find out everything you need to know.

While you're at the website check out the new Cuttlebug Folders that are arriving tomorrow. We've been excited about the new 12" plates and the long embossing folders and quilling kits. It should be fun unpacking those boxes...

We're also offering some HOT specials (in this VERY cold snap) including $12.99 B Plates for your cuttlebug (rrp $39.99). Strictly limited stocks and free to people who order all 3 new 12" sets of A, B and C plates.

Better go and do a Facebook comment now...


  1. How exciting for you Liz! The gallery is gorgeous. I would love to be on a Design Team one day but for now I still have far toooooo much to learn.

  2. Great Gallery Liz. Thanks for the bling.