Sunday, May 23, 2010

SENZ Sunday Times - Edition Three

Only 8 more weeks to go until NZ’s Papercraft Expo!

And the Class Winner is…
Many thanks to all of you who purchased SENZ tickets from us! We’re pleased to announce the winner of the free SENZ class is Shirley Anderson – a local crafter! She gets to choose any class (worth $50) at SENZ.

Keep watching for more competitions and another opportunity to win a class at SENZ.

Tickets for this 3-day event are still available for purchase through Artfull Crafts. If you want to be on the mailing list to get the classes ahead of the general public you will have to purchase your tickets before the 1st of June.

The classes are being finalised as we speak. They will be going up on the Artfull Crafts and SENZ websites next week. On the 1st of June the timetable will be emailed to the 3-day pass holders, 2nd June for 2-day pass holders, 3rd June for 1-day pass holders and on the 4th of June for the public.

Tutor Details
We know you’re curious, so we’ll give you some hints. There will be 6 classes run by the Kaisercraft girls from Aussie - including a range of projects, cards and a layout class. We are also thrilled that Betsy Clark from Geraldine will be running an advanced card-making class. Her designs are always stunning and are completed with a great deal of care and detail. She’ll be using some vintage style papers for this class. And I will be running one class – an original concept using acrylic album pages and Websters die cuts to create wall hangers.

I’d better not say too much more… but here are some sneaky peeks of the card classes…

Until next week,
Happy crafting!

Artfull Crafts

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  1. Congrats to Shirley! I love your sneak peeks!!