Monday, September 27, 2010

$1 auctions!

It's that crazy time where I need to get my Trade Me (artfullcrafts) listing allowance up! So I run a whole lot of $1 auctions - and people get bargains...

This time I've gone for lots of glittery stuff - Glitz PeelCraft, Kindy Glitz, Glitter Gel Pens and a whole lot of Embossing Folders (yes for only $1 res!). Some of the folders are not available for individual sale - but I've broken open the sets for this week.

Tomorrow night I'll load up another 100 auctions - Ice Stickles, stamps, Christmas brads, alpha stickers and some rhinestones...

My username is artfullcrafts. If you click that link and then type $1 res into the Trade Me search you will come up with all my $1 res auctions! Happy bidding.


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. LOVE IT Liz - just started by putting acouple of bids on - Lowri :-)