Friday, October 1, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Lowri here – Liz very kindly agreed that I could let you know through the Artfull Crafts blog that I am starting a blog! Please check it out at

If you leave a comment on one of my blog posts you will be entered into a draw to win $30 of free goodies! It includes Thickers, rub-ons , die-cuts PLUS a set of 4 personalised cards in any theme you would like! If you actually become a "Follower" of my blog – I will enter your name twice into the draw. Thanks heaps in advance for your support! Lowri J


  1. Great work Lowri. I'm follower #4... Do I get 4 entries?!

  2. Sorry Liz - no - but I would love to make some cards for you any time!