Monday, June 6, 2011

Artfull Getaway Highlights!

What a great weekend we had. It wasn't exactly tropical outside - but we didn't mind - we kept warm with fun and craft.

The theme was "Tropical Getaway" so we decorated the place with togs and towels, moved the beach to Artfull Crafts, dug up treasure and did plenty of crafting in between.

There was a main group of 23 ladies who stayed the whole weekend and then a handful of locals who came just for the classes. We ran two classes at a time (cards, projects and layouts) and we feel really blessed to have the wonderful facilities. We set up one classroom in the foyer and one upstairs and there was still plenty of space.

We borrowed part of Caroline Bay for the weekend (without resource Consent - whoops!!) and buried some bottles with messages. People dug up special deals, spot prizes, demos and more. Sally-Anne just wanted to make sand castles!

One of the fun "beach dig" activities was the chocolate game. A dice is sent around the table and whenever anyone rolls a six they have to jump up, put on 3 pieces of clothing from the line and proceed to eat chocolate with a knife and fork until someone else rolls a six. What fun!

We ran 3 of the SENZ classes as practice and they were very well received. Whew! Here's a bit of the Make-Up Madness class.

We are really grateful to Betsy Clark and Tanya Leigh who joined us for the weekend tutoring. We appreciate the info and knowledge you shared with us.

We're planning more of these events - but you'll have to be quick to register next time. I have a feeling these ladies will be back! next event - SENZ in 3 weeks time! Lots to organise...

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