Thursday, June 2, 2011

SENZ Weekly Wednesday - Edition Four

Hi everyone. We're only a day late for this post! We have the Getaway this weekend - and so we're scurrying about decorating the place! What fun...

Because of that this will be a SHORT post (compared to last week's one!)

SENZ class bookings are going well. We do have a great class line up - so be sure to book in soon. We have sold out of the Saturday Timeless Drawers Session - so we've put another session on Friday 12pm.

This week Lowri and Betsy have been busy creating table decorations for the Artfull Classroom and I shopped up a PINK storm at Payless Plastic. It's amazing how many pink items there are on the market...

Next week 's priority for us is letting you know the SENZ "What to bring lists". With only 3 weeks to go it's time to start packing your bags! We will have the Materials lists loaded up on the website and you'll be able to link immediately to products that you need to order. How easy is that?!

So, I'm off now to shop for some summery, tropical holiday bits and pieces...
Enjoy your weekend
:-) Liz

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  1. sooooo looking forward to this weekend!!!! It's hard to wait till tomorrow night! :)