Monday, July 16, 2012

Lindsey - You Are What You Eat!

Hi. Lindsey here with a couple of layouts in my favourite colour - "Basic Grey".

Now, the first layout is about a new gadget we bought for the kitchen - a juicer. We are very enamoured with this handsome devil - whose name is Oscar incidentally. I decided he needed to be scrapbooked when I realised that it was National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month in June.

This coincided with a very interesting dream. My subconscious was obviously grappling with the fact that I needed to do a layout about Oscar and I dreamed that I had stuck two huge leeks on one page and two spring onions on another page (you will appreciate that it was a double layout). Isn't that a hoot?! So this is my real layout - using a very old Basic Grey paper which just happened to have what looks like radishes and peas and pears on it and the colours went nicely. What do you think? Is that weird - making a page about kitchen equipment?

The thing is, I can remember my granny telling me a little about the range that she would cook on and having to fetch water from a pump outside. I wish that I had listened more closely and I would have loved to have had photos of her working in her kitchen. Maybe in the future, one of my descendents will look at this machine and be absolutely fascinated. Who knows.

So - less weird is a simple layout of a wee girly with a cheeky grin playing with Duplo which is very colourful. It's so cheerful, you can't help but smile. It's also another old collection by Basic Grey called Lime Rickey - one of my favourites. I've got lots of this paper left but I keep returning to it.

Anyway, really simple layouts but I don't always want or need to use a multitude of embellishments. Sometimes, just some pretty coloured paper is sufficient. Not one single flower on that second one!


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  1. So Cute Lindsay! Fabulous job, I am going to have to case :)