Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jo - Kaisercraft Party Favour Castle

Hi everyone, this is my bright and cheerful castle that I made using Kasiercrafts Butterfly kisses range of papers. This was designed for children to be able to create as a party favour, and then it has so many uses for storing hair ties, pens and pencils or little bits of jewellery.  

I began with the Castle, which comes in a few easy to assemble pieces.  I always put the pieces together so that I can see how it all fits, before I start cutting out any papers.

If you are doing this with little children or children who are not good with scissors, I would advise painting all of the castle and not use paper to decorate it at all.  It is also an option if you wish to pre glue the castle pieces together before the party.

I am going to show you the paper option.  

I always trace all the pieces before I start painting and I started with the front of the castle.  I love purple, as it is so bright and happy, so Giggly was the obvious choice for me. Lay the the side that you wish to cover face up, on to the side of the paper that you want to use, and trace it with a pencil. The turrets are a different colour so I didn't have to worry about covering all the wood. I need four of these, because I did the inside as well as the outside of the castle. (It is easier just to paint the inside of the castle though, and I would recommend doing that with children, even this big kid had a few deep breaths as she tried to glue it in the right place, because of the holes for the slots that hold the castle together, you cannot glue the paper in place before hand). Then cut around the castle shape, and use a knife to cut out the windows.  

Trace the turrets in the same way.  You can see I have drawn across in pencil on the left hand photo, where I want the paper gossip to come down to.  You can use decorative scissors to create the squiggle effect on the paper.  You will need 6 out of this paper and 6 out of another paper which I used Playful. I also decorated the sides of the castle using Gossip again, and then Playful on the inside.

Now it is time to paint, I only paint all the edges, and the insides of the windows as well. I have used a Kaisercraft paint.
Use a hair dryer or a heat gun to dry the paint, and then glue the castle all together.  This is where I suddenly realised that it would have been better to paint the inside, instead of gluing paper to it after it was in place!  Even those of us, who make things like all the time, make mistakes and this was mine.  Sand all your edges, then if you want to, ink all the edges with a matching pink ink, to drop the cream colour down a little bit. 
Now it is time to decorate the castle, I used butterfly stickers from the range and flowers. I cut a tree using a sizzix die and embossed it, and cut some grass using the cricket machine, but you can hand cut these.  I made a little door out of paper and glued it on, and added a princess sparklet to be the door handle.
I added a variety of rhinestones along the turrets, inside the flat flowers and along the butterfly body.  I also made some double sided curtains for the windows, using stickers.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you don't have a child's birthday coming up, this would make a great present for Christmas, collect all the pieces now, put the pieces on them off, not only do the kids get a great present, it is a fantastic rainy day project to have on hand.  

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