Sunday, June 30, 2013

Envelope Punch Board Tutorial from Lois

Here's a fab email we got yesterday from Lois and we thought we'd share it with you!

Hi Ladies

My envelope punch board arrived yesterday - thank you , I already don't know how I managed without it!

I love making envelopes to match my card theme and often use old calendars and that can make the positioning quite tricky to get the picture in the right place.
I thought I would share a little template I have made to make that easier. Photos below:

1. I made an acetate template on the envelope punch board of the sizes I use a lot. I used an OHP transparency (but a clear cover off an old report or any clear plastic sheet the right size would do).
I made an envelope on the board just as you would with paper and then used a permanent marker to trace over the score lines. I like to square off the bottom back flap of some envelopes so popped on a cutting line for that.

2. Then I could place the clear template over my picture and work out if my envelope would fit and how I wanted to position the picture. I marked the outline and then cut my paper. You can see that I was able to position the envelope to avoid the hanging hole on one piece and still get the picture in the correct place on the other as I could see where to square off the back flap.

3. I was also able to use the template to check I had positioned the paper in the envelope maker so that the picture would be in the correct position on my envelope.

4. All that was left was to cut and score and I had my lovely envelopes!

Hope the photos help explain.

Thanks for your fantastic service and I love seeing what you are up to on Facebook too.

THANKS LOIS! We appreciate you giving us this tutorial.
 Enjoy the envelope maker everyone. We just had to order another 50 - so click here if you want to purchase one!