Friday, July 19, 2013

Jo - Kaisercraft storage shelf and mixed media

Hi everyone, Jo here with a new blog for Artfull Crafts in Timaru, it is just about the end of my stint with Artfull Crafts, and I must admit it has been fun meeting a whole group of new people.  I have seen photos of people on our Face book group, and obviously we comment on each others work, but it is so much fun meeting them in person. 

Today's project is a Kaisercraft Shadow Box, but I thought lets try something a little different.  What can I do that is going to make this pop? so I made it up, and then sat and looked at it for a month.  It just wasn't happening, yes I could cover it with paper, yes I could make the shadow boxes have something inside them, but then after working on a recipe book, I thought, why don't I make a shelf full of mini books.

But then I was hunting through my room, collecting bits and pieces, and I found this huge earring I purchased from the $2.00 shop for just this occasion, and then I put it up against the box and then I was off, goodbye mini books hello top shelf.

The Kaisercraft Shadow Box Unit available from Artfull Crafts

There is black paper inside of the unit, I tried just spraying it, but it wasn't dark enough, and I wasn't painting it this time.  After I put the paper inside, I sprayed with black glimmer mist to give a distressed sort of look.

 The two drawers have ribbon, flowers and Tim Holtz sayings on them.  

The butterfly added a touch of whimsy and of course a key.

The top started off with the big black earring at the back, then i built it up from there.  

This ended up being hard to photograph as a whole piece, but I think you get the idea.
The paper is a Kaisercraft 75 cents .  The sides were also covered, and then sprayed and distressed.  
Kaisercraft flowers were added to give some more dimension to the project.  
What is going inside the shelves? I have no idea, but something will find its way in to here.   


  1. Seen this in person and drooled over it. the photo doesn't do it justice. just try for yourself and you will be hooked!!! The photo flattens out all the sparkly glorious detail and doesn't do it justice at all !!!!!

  2. It's a great project! Thanks :-)