Monday, October 12, 2009

OKAY OKAY! More clues...

No more surprises then...

Yes we've found somewhere to move too. It's very exciting. We've decided to set up a 'real' shop in Timaru. The business has been growing and growing - now it's in 2 bedrooms, the dining and room, study and most of the lounge. It's sort of out of control. And we get pretty good foot-traffic too. So we've taken the plunge and found a very cool building near the city centre. It's got a 1 bedroom bedsit at the back - so yip - we're going to try apartment living for a while. Here's a look at what condition the 'lounge' is in at the moment...

But we love DIY and so this one is no problem. A bit of paint, carpet and a new kitchenette and we'll be right!

This is the one bedroom bed-sit. Another kitchen for breakfast in bed.

We'll open the shop in a couple of weeks and then have about a month to make this place good enough to live in. We're excited and have been working pretty hard already (we've only had the keys since Friday...)

Okay - so you want to know about the shop right? Well... maybe that one can wait for another day. I'm tired from all this physical work.

Just one more clue...

... pink fingernails


  1. Wow Liz, now that is exciting! How cool will this place look when you finish? You have a bit of work ahead of you, but by the sounds of it, you guys won't take long!
    All the very best to you as you set out on your new endeavour.
    Hehe, pink fingernails = pink paint?
    Now, I think I might like that. Of course PINK is my favourite colour!!!!!!!!

  2. Very exciting news, hope the move goes well and look forward to seeing some pink walls soon? Good to hear the business is doing so well and growing nicely for you, well done for getting such a great shop with great products and prices up and running so well.