Wednesday, October 14, 2009


YOU GUESSED IT - We're moving into a real shop!

28 Latter Street, Timaru

Well I don't want to spoil the surprise by posting a whole lot of photos ... but maybe just one or two. Especially since my lovely husband has put a few on his Facebook account!

This is the new shop being painted ... yip that's bright pink and a lovely dark grey colour.

Every evening we head down and do a bit more work on the place. It's looking great. And to be honest, if I weasn't heading to Christchurch on Saturday I would probably just move in this weekend. So we'll move on Labour Weekend - and we will be labouring hard! We'll be open for business on Tuesday the 27th. It's so exciting - can't you tell?!

What's amazing is that I started this as a hobby, then it turned into a Trade Me business, then a website business, then a home-based shop and now we're moving into a real shop. I never really intended this! I just decided to take it as far as it would go... so here we are. Some people plan their businesses - but I'm just stumbling around trying to make it work! I feel very blessed to have a wonderful husband who is really excited for me, great workers (Juanita and Vicki) and fabulous crafty people who support us. Not to mention all the friends and family who have encouraged us to "Give it a go!"

To be honest, winning the major Kaisercraft prize earlier this year is also a big factor in giving the business a boost along. THANKS KAISERCRAFT!

So, we'll have an opening party on Saturday the 31st - details coming soon... I'm sure we can muster up a bit of fun in this quiet town...


  1. Ohh look at those colours!! And I think I know where you got the inspiration for that scheme!! How wonderful for you all, think I'll have to make a trip down soon to see it all :-)

  2. Those colours look great Liz. Wow, to think you started this off as a hobby and look where you are so deserve it with all your hard work to get you where you are, great tha tyou have a very supportive husband. I love your products that you have and will always be back for more(weekly sometimes,lol)cant get enough.....congrats for following your dreams/hobby and getting where you are

  3. Awesome!! I have a friend who scraps in Timmers, I wonder if she is already a shopper? Anyway I am going to send her your way if she isnt lol