Friday, October 23, 2009


Today we start to move the shop from the house to 24 Latter Street. It's looking fantastic and I'm really excited (REALLY!). Last night Sherri came (again) and helped out and we had a painting party in the room that will be our lounge and kitchen. We had lots of paint left over from other DIY projects - so this room got the lovely deep orange/red. Funnily enough we painted out all the orange in the shop rooms and painted them pink...!

Here's the room in it's original condition.

It's a shame Sherri and I are so short! Someone else will have to do the ladder work.

Getting there. It's amazing how much you can do in an evening.

While we painted, Graham finished the new lighting in the shop.

Now I get to tell you our cool carpet story. We only saw the place 2 weeks ago - and things happened very quickly! By this week Tuesday I realised I'd better get the carpet sorted out... I went to 3 places and got quotes. They all came that day to do the quotes (I love doing business in this town!). At the end of the day all the quotes were twice what we had wanted to spend. I decided that maybe we couldn't afford to lay carpet in the classroom but instead we'll have a huge carpet mat that went right to the edges. That way we'd save some pennies!

I rang a friend that day as he worked at a flooring place. He was out of town but said he'd get back to me the next day. He rang at 8:30am and said they had some brand new carpet that had just been uplifted from a property and it was high quality Feltex carpet in the grey tones. We jumped in the car, saw it, bought it (at a low price) and then they said they could have it laid by Friday (today!) I couldn't believe it!

But the story gets better. At 12pm I get a phone call asking if they could lay it that day - in 45 minutes time!! I jumped in the car with the trailer, went to Graham's work where we had been given free underlay, went to the shop, emptied the room, laid the underlay in time for the carpet to go down...

So here's the classroom before and after the paint and carpet. Of course it will look even better once we get the furniture and some curtains!



So today is the day we pack down the shop at Mountain View Road. Tomorrow we'll do the moving, Sunday we'll set it up and hopefuly on Monday I'll be able to do fun stuff! (Displays, banners, signs etc)

So we'll be labouring this weekend. Enjoy your holiday!


  1. Looking good Liz......hope the weather is fine for your busy move ahead of you this weekend. Looking forward to some photos once everything is set up and ready to go.

  2. It must have been meant to be.
    It is looking great, congratulations all your hard work is paying off.

  3. well done to you Liz. Somebody is looking out for you.