Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scrapping Bonanza...

After many weeks of renovating, moving and opening shop (then moving house, cleaning and gardening) I decided I really needed a weekend off. I was dreaming of scrapbooking layouts and planning them in my head. So I penciled in a weekend and 2 weekends ago I actually did it!

I started crafting on the Friday night and went through until Sunday night! Firstly I went to the computer and randomly selected a whole lot of photos that I thought I might like to scrap up. Just random ones - of friends and family. I banned myself from doing travel ones (that's what I normally do!).

I tottered off to Harvey Norman and printed out a whole heap of photos 7x5 (and was pleasantly surprised to see them on special!). I've never really done layouts with 7x5 before - and I had decided that I was going to scrap in a style that I'd never really attempted before - that really heavily embellished style!

Next I cleared all the tables (6 of them).
Starting out tidyily

Then I proceeded to dig through all my papers. I was looking for those papers that I have been hoarding. You know the ones - the ones that are too nice to use!!

Mmm - just a slight paper addiction...

The chosen papers were spread along 2 of the tables.

Then I got all my boxes of embellishments and laid them across another 3 tables...

Then I gave myself a little space and started working. Wow! What fun! Every now and then I'd open up a magazine - but on the whole I didn't need any inspriration - I was full of it just looking at the papers and the photos!

I had the best time. I went from layout to layout - about 15 mins on each one. I didn't let myself think too much about them - I just started sticking stuff down.

I did have a few interludes - the Christmas Parade on the Saturday and then a Christmas Service on the Sunday. My lovely husband even did the final tidy up at the house we'd just moved out of and went off to the dunp by himself to let me scrap. (xoxox)

But apart from that, my weekend was exclusively for crafts. At about 9pm Sunday night I just felt like stopping. (A bit like Forrest Gump where he just stops running and turns around and goes back home). So I photographed all the layouts (with the intention of blogging them the next night...) and then I started to tidy up. What a mess I made in such a short amount of time!

So, now the photos are on my computer and I plan on showing one or two of the layouts each day or two until they run out! You'll get a few days worth - I completed 18 in total...

So, please enjoy... Here's the first one. And maybe one of my favourites.. we'll I couldn't decide actually!
I've used the Creative Imaginations Holly Berry papers here and also a Hambly Screen print. The Transparency has been overlaid on top of me (and the monkey). And who doesn't love the Basic Grey chipboard letters?!


  1. So Lovely, thats amazing you got 18 done well done you, you deserve it. my most to date was 9 over a friday and saturday night and boy it was fun. looking forward to more layouts

  2. Oh my word! You're a legend Liz!! Love the photos of the process, and isn't it the worst part - having to tidy up afterwards? LOL
    Well done on the 18 layouts, I look forward to seeing them here over the next few weeks!!

  3. WOW 18 layouts you did very well....must ahve been very nice to beable to jsut sit downa nd scrapbook and have all that space to spread your self out. I love that you have so much paper, it makes my stash of paper look like nothing,hehe. Great layout looking forward to seeing your other creations.....I have tried to do layout with lots of bits and pieces on them like you see in the mags but I jsut cnat seem to do it and have decide im a simple scrapbooker and like things simple and basic which is fine