Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Layouts 6 & 7

Today we started packing the trailer for the holiday - and I still haven't worked out how to automatically load the blogs. Luckily we're taking the laptop and will have some interent access - so every now and then I'll be able to blog the rest of these layouts! I did spend all of yesterday packing the craft stuff that I want to take on holiday... it's about 1/5th of the trailer...

Layout #6
This page was such fun. I'd wanted to do some machine stitching for ages and now that we have a big workshop space I have been able to use it.

Shown in the photo is my good friend, her 2 boys and her neice. Theo was celebrating his 1st birthday in this photo. Today he celebrates his second birthday! (It only took me a year to scrap the page...)

All the bits and pieces were from the Daisy D's Wonder Years Sticker Collection and Daisy D's rubons. I love them!

Layout #7

Here we are in Laos at a Tourist Village with our good freinds Andrew and Karen. Strangely enough in the middle of nowhere there is a little photo booth set up to take advantage of us tourists. I wasn't going to say no! I'm not sure if I like this page or not though. I love the papers (Basic Grey Wistera Collection) and the matching stickers are fun too - but for some reason I haven't decided if I really like it or not. It might get a tweek in the New Year. Maybe the title 'friends' needs to run down the right-hand side of the page...

We're off on holiday tomorrow - I hope you get a break too!

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