Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roses Festival and the IRD

I love getting mail. So I was excited when Graham came in with a handful of letters. 6 of them ... but they were all from the IRD!! All in one day!

I grabbed the camera and thought I'd share it with you. This Government Department sent me 6 separate pieces of mail in one day. All the letters had different information - but it was all to do with the fact that I am now an Official Ltd Company and I'm employing staff. What a waste of postage!

Anyway, on a more interesting crafty note, we had a stall at the Timaru Roses Festival in the weekend. It's a big event and we spent a good week or so preparing for it. We made heaps of packs for Christmas projects rest of them will be on the website this week at discounted rates.

My lovely husband was the helper on the stall. He has a really important job to do ... he talks to the men who are waiting for their wives to finish shopping!!

We had a fun day seeing lots of people we knew - but the wind sure got cold and people starting packing up early at 3pm.

And on an even more exciting, about 3 weeks ago I booked in a weekend of crafting. I decided not to agree to do any other activities that weekend (unless I really really wanted too)! So I'll be doing that from Friday Night - Sunday Night (hopefully... apart from the Pea Straw in the garden, Santa parade, Christmas Carol Cafe and our friends moving back to town...)

So think of me rattling around in the big classroom, listening to Christmas Carols and playing with the loveliest papers I own. I've decided to dig to the bottom of my paper boxes and find the nicest papers and scrap them. I've hoarded them for long enough!

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