Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Fun

How exciting! It's Jan 2nd 2010 and I've just finished (and posted) my Christmas Cards! We're up here in sunny Nelson and I haven't managed to hook up all my photos onto this laptop - so sorry I haven't shown any more layouts. But I sure have had some fun crafting. Most days I find myself sitting at the trestle table under the tent awning and I indulge in some scrapbooking or card making. If I need a break I lie on the outdoor beanbag and read a craft mag, play Kubb with friends and drink peachee. It really is a great life!

Since I've finished my Christmas Cards I can now get on with making cards for the florist. I might try and make 600+ cards this time. Then I can get on and do some scrapping! We do have another 2 weeks here - so I should have enough time...

I hope you are having a lovely holiday too.

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