Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our SPECIAL announcement...

We'll give you the short version... (not the version the ladies at the all-day crop got today...). Basically we are MOVING shop!!

We are moving into bigger and better premises just around the corner. We'll have 320m2 of useable space. Over 130m2 of shop floor, 70m2 classroom and a wonderful foyer/atrium area for the couch, displays etc. (Along with 6 offices to store our mess!)

We will be closing up shop on the 2nd Dec and will be reopening on the 6th December. (Crazy timing I know!!)

We will be introducing some new initiatives. There will be 6-monthly retreats run at the shop with national and international tutors invited to run classes. We'll have some local talent on board to run more classes and will continue with the 10am - 10pm monthly crops and Midnight Madnesses. We'll aslo start up an after-school Craft Club, more holiday programmes, and will branch into Wedding Invitations. There is a huge demand for this in Timaru since Pure Impressions closed down.

So, that's the news. More information about the specific location will be coming really soon (once all the official documents have been signed off!!)

We're excited (of course) and will be busy preparing the new shop throughout November. Because of this there will be a reduced class schedule :-(

So, I'm off to craft with the ladies until 10pm tonight!!


  1. well I didnt pick that - and yet when you moved in to a new rental it was probably the best clue! I decided you were opening another shop (Ashvegas maybe?) or you had signed on with a big new supplier like Prima or Basic Grey!

  2. wow sounds great!! congrats :)

  3. Fantastic news - so exciting. I am really pleased for you! I might just have to plan a trip down to Timaru..

  4. That sounds so good!!. I am wrapped for you! Im thinking a trip down for a visit or for one of your retreats might be needed lol :) Keep up the good work :)