Thursday, March 17, 2011


Oh yes they have arrived in store and they are selling already!

are fabulous and fun - but they are really simple. Think of them as over-sized thin glue dots that help us to make wonderful "blooms" - and that's the theme this month!

It's probably best for you to go to the Cosmo Cricket blog and check out a Man trying to make a flower using a gluber and to their blog post that has Gluber Bumber sticker and slogans! It will make you laugh out loud!!

Of course I could actually make up my own flower and show you how to use them - but I don't have any cool material here at home. So consider this to be a Cosmo Cricket advertorial instead!! Here are some examples from their site - aren't they fabulous!

Don't forget the check out all the new Cosmo Collections that just arrived in. Click on the collection to be taken right to the store!!

Head on over to the shop to see all the other great new products we have in stock too !

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