Monday, March 21, 2011

Cuttlebug Cupcakes Anyone?

Hi everyone – Lowri here

A little Birthday idea or two for you today.. Kaisercraft have also just released a range of stickers – one of which was an extension of the Jungle Bug range. I thought they would be perfect to make some cupcake toppers !

These were really fun to do. I have used the Spellbinders dies to cut 2 different size circles and then I have simply placed the sticker in the middle. 

The template for the cupcake holder was from the Kaisercraft website – you can find it here. I simply printed it onto cardstock – cut it out and then used the template to trace onto the patterned paper before cutting out. You can make them smaller just by overlapping at the ends more - which is what I did as I found I had used quite small cake cases!

You can use a cocktail stick for making these toppers – but these were just a little bit heavy so I used some disposable wooden sticks - I think they were corn on the cob holders!

The icing I have used on the cupcakes is hard to see - but it is rolled icing with an embossed pattern. Here are some I made for a previous project - cool hey!
Here is the tutorial on how to make them - this dragonfly embossing folder works perfectly with the Jungle Bug theme!

  1. Knead cornflour into icing if it is very soft. You can do this at any stage of the process if you feel the icing is too soft/sticky.
  2. Dust embossing folder with cornstarch and tap very firmly to remove all the excess. This will effectively clean the folder and make it non-stick – I suggest you do it into the sink!
  3. Roll your icing paste between two sheets of baking paper. This gives a flat surface and is generally cleaner than using a rolling pin
  4. Firmly press your embossing folder into the icing. You generally want to use the “top” side – but trial and error will let you choose the finish you want. Use a rolling pin on top of the folder to ensure a good “emboss”
  5. Carefully remove the embossing folder. It should not stick if you have used cornflour to dust the folder
  6. There you go! If you cut shapes – transfer them to a piece of baking parchment to ensure they dry a little. I sped up the drying on mine by putting them in the oven with the fan on but NO HEAT
I have to give credit for this idea to Shirl (my fellow DT member) as she came up with this idea on one of Christmas posts and I thought it was just genius!!

Give it a go and enter them into our Challenge - there is still time!

Your entry to the challenge can be either along our theme of "Birthdays and Blooms" OR it can be using our month's sketch. (OR of course it can be both!)

To enter the challenge - send a picture of your project You can send us as many entries as you like. We will be featuring entries and there will be a Kaisercraft prize for the Challenge Winner!

Lowri :-)


  1. Inspired once again - fabulous project!

  2. Cool 13 year old has bookmarked this to do on the holidays. Thanks

  3. Fantastic! I've never been called a Genius before! lol ~ Shirl