Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Scrapping - Meet Liz, New Theme & Exciting Prize

Hi Everyone - lots to share today - so pull up a chair, grab a coffee and take some time to read and relax!

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Weekly Round-Up
Did you see the posts this week from the Design Team - we had Cupcakes and Fairy Drawers from Lowri as well as a gorgeous Flower Tutorial from Tina. We also announced the winners of our monthly challenge here.

New Theme Launch and Sketch
It's time to launch our new Blog Theme and Blog Challenge - and until the end of April the theme will be


Once again - this theme is designed to be VERY broad - we want to see anything and everything to do with travel or treats! This theme also encompasses Easter - so put on your thinking caps and start creating.
What about....
  • a LO based on your holiday trip
  • an Easter card
  • a project using some supplies you bought on holiday
  • some little treat bags you made for your kids
Here is our sketch for the month from Tanya Leigh to help inspire you. I LOVE the fact that this is a multi-photo layout - and remember that the sketch can be interpreted in many ways - as a card, you can rotate it, use it as a cover for a mini-album - your imagination is the only limit! During the month we will see what wonderful projects the Design Team come up with using the sketch.

Special Prize for Challenge Winner
We will be running our challenge again and this month the prize is very special!

You can win a Guest Spot on the Design Team for a month.
You will be sent a package of goodies and asked to write a blog-post or two to feature your creations on the Artfull Crafts Blog and we will also feature them on our webpage and facebook page. (Don't worry if writing is not your thing - we can help out with that!)

Your entry to the challenge can be either along our theme of "Travel and Treats" OR it can be using the sketch OR of course it can be both!

To enter the challenge - send a picture of your project to the Design Team. You can send us as many entries as you like. We will be featuring all entries later in the month. Did you see the entries for last month's challenge here? There were some beautiful creations and congratulations to Valerie on winning!

Now it's time for our Sunday Scrapping feature and this week - we are featuring Liz Gregory, Founder and Owner of Artfull Crafts.

Meet the Design Team - Liz Gregory

How were you introduced to scrapbooking?
My good friend Clarissa invited me to a card-making evening about 11 years sgo - and it didn't take long to get hooked. A few years later she started getting into scrapbooking - but I decided that I wasn't going to start because I knew I would get hooked!! A year down the line I soon gave in and started adding to my paper stash... I kept excusing the addiction by saying that I would scrap all our overseas trips (but I'm not even a quarter of the way through those albums!)

What inspires you for layouts, projects, cards?
I really love magazines. They are so easy to put in your handbag and take out to the beach - or just lie in bed and read. I basically soak myself in quality product and then I find that my skills get better. I don't often scraplift or copy anyone else's projects as I love to create unique projects. However, I might skip through magazines or blogs looking for "bloom" ideas for layouts etc. I always fold over the pages on magazines that have something of interest - but 95% of the time I never go back and read them!

Birthday Card
My favourite projects are always the ones I've just done!! So this is the most recent card I made with the new Bubblegum Hills 6 x6" pad from Kaisercraft. I used opals on the numbers. I LOVE opals and the way they glimmer so much and get such a smooth surface. I made this card for my Mother-in-Law and we enjoyed spending the day with her in ChCh on March 20th - we got back to Timaru just in time for the 5.1 aftershock!

What other project types do you like to work on besides scrapbook pages?
I'm still a fan of cardmaking. Strangley enough I'm not really a card-giver though, so I'm trying to change that. I have spent years supplying a few shops with hand-made cards. I used to have to make them fairly simple and make them on mass. But lately I've decided that I'm going to make more quality, fancy cards (and use up some of the boxes of scraps I have hoarded over the years).

What is your favourite scrapbook brand and why?
Mmm well I'd have to say Kaisercraft . They have always impressed me with their ability to put out so many ranges and new fun projects so regularly - and to keep the prices reasonable. I've also been over to Kaisercraft in Melbourne twice and I love the people and the business itself. The owner is inspirational and his business has a missional focus and they support an overseas orphanage with their Outlet Stores. I was also the lucky recipient of a big prize from them a couple of years ago which had a huge influence on our ability to get the business going in the direction its gone.

Prima flowers (everyone needs a stash of those). I've also got an addiction to Graphic 45 developing... where do I stop?!
Monkey Love
A scrapbook page I really like is my monkey layout. Even though the layout is simple I want to share it as I LOVE monkeys (if I could choose to be an animal it would be this!!). This one was being taken up and down the beach at Thailand and I couldn't resist a little cuddle...

What scrapbooking tools/products can you not do without?
My guillotine. I have one of those real ones - where the blade lifts up and comes down like a sword. It always in arm's reach. I bought it home from Aussie years ago. And the next time I went I brought another two and gave one to Clarissa. I put them in my suitcase and no-one blinked an eye! The other month I needed to get it sharpened and they were going to charge me more than the cost of a new one. The only problem is I can't find them to buy anymore.

What is your current favorite technique or embellishment? Mmm...wetting my edges with an H20 pen and rolling them. It gives a 3-D effect and a slight vintage feel. If I don't have my water pen I just lick the edges! You should try that sometimes - there are some very unusual paper tastes!
Desk Organiser
I'm in love with Kaisercraft Beyond the Page projects too. I find my Hippy Girl organiser to be most useful - especially as I put boxes in the back 2 partitions so I could have a glimmer mist stand.

What do you hope to try or improve on this year?
Every year I have a goal to be published in a craft magazine- but I've never got around to submitting ANYTHING to ANYONE! So until I do that I'll just stick to reading the mags...

What advice can you give to people just beginning to enjoy scrapbooking?
You don't need to copy your magazine/neighbour/tutor EXACTLY! It's okay to give it your own twist and have a go. Everyone has a slightly different style - so break out and give it a go.

Do you have a blog? 
Yes it used to be mine - but now it belongs to the business!
I have given over my access to the Design Team and Lowri is the Administrator for it now. I love seeing an active blog - but I'm just not able to keep up with the demands of it all by myself! I do aim to showcase more projects on there this year though. Life is finally into a better routine and I'm starting to be able to leave work at work and have my evenings to do some crafting. I LOVE summer - but there is something nice about a long, cold winter, wet nights and weekends. The fire goes on and Graham and I pursue our hobbies in the same room. Ahhh and I've got enough projects to last for a lifetime of winters...

Canvas Painting
And finally this is my first attempt at painting something for the wall. It's a huge canvas and I played with thick goop to get a 3-Dimensional painted effect and iridescent paints. Of most interest to me is the significance and symbolism. The black side shows our sinful state before a Holy God and the white represents that cleansing we receive when we repent and put out trust in Christ - through His death and resurrection on the Cross. The red is indicative of the blood of Christ. It's a plain piece of artwork but it holds a powerful message. I haven't been brave enough to do any other paintings as I like this one so much I don't think I could do any better!! So I think I'll stick to Craft Art.
Note - Lowri here and I have to say that I have seen this piece of art and it is STUNNING and AMAZING. I did not realize Liz had created it - it looks so professional and this photo does not do it justice!!

Thanks Liz for sharing more about yourself and your love of crafting!

Stay tuned this week for some more exciting ideas. There are still heaps of $1 RESERVE auctions running on TradeMe so check them out and grab yourself some bargains! Also - the shop has heaps of new products so take a look and start creating!

Lowri :-)


  1. Liz, you do realize that I will expect a "finished card" for my birthday this've set the standard now. LOL

  2. All fantastic projects, but your canvas looks really awesome, Liz.

  3. It was so fun finding out more about you Liz. My sister passed me one of those paper trimmer things too. But mine is languishing in storage as I'm still a scissors kinda girl.

  4. You had me in fits Liz, reading about the 'different tastes' of paper, when licking them yourself!! I just laughed & laughed, it really perked me up!! Just great, I love the honest, freshness about that comment!! Also I've had a water pen for a while, didnt really know what they were for, but after reading this tonight, I am going to get my pen out, fill it up & see what happens!! Great Inspiration!! I also loved to see that Im not the only one who reads the magazines for inspiration, folds over the pages that I liked somthing on or found inspiration on, But very rarely go back to them!!...Heres A Tip 4 U ; I recently got given a x5 pack of tiny small note pads from my partner & have them sitting everywhere, my desk, by the couch, bed etc & Ive been jotting down technique ideas or the inspirational ideas that pop into my head as Im reading, makes for a great reference later on when Im looking for new ideas & inspiration!! ;)