Thursday, April 21, 2011


I haven't posted for a while! So here's a layout I did for the monthly Layout Kit based on Travel. This old Cortina got us over the hills and away on many fun family vacations. But when we started getting older we used to duck when we drove down the main street of town. We lived in Westport!! Who would have cared there?

Anyway, I appreciate that my parents spent their time and effort on us - and were always around for us to play with. They weren't busy trying to earn thousands to give us the newest and best cars. They made do with what they had. Isn't that a great lesson. That's probably why we drive around in cheap cars and are simply grateful to have them!
For this layout I've used some Tim Holtz tissue tape to attach the photos. It's fun playing with this stuff - it's adhesive and slightly translucent.

I've also made a little journal tag book. Don't overlook tags as a useful way of journalling. I've written about some of the fun travels we went on in this car.

So we're off on holiday tomorrow in one of our old cars. Each time we go away on a trip we wonder if it will be the last one! Happy Easter and God bless.

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  1. Hey....there's nothing wrong with bomby old cars, I've been known to drive a few in my time! (Have still never owned a brand new car)
    Love the layout, the multiple tags are great idea.