Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Tip - Glue be Gone!

Hi Everyone - SUPER QUICK and easy post today with a tip for those of you who love to do the BTP projects.

A few people have asked me which glue I use for these - and my personal preference is to use a solvent based glue. I find it doesn't wet and warp the paper and one of the main reasons I like to use it is that any mishaps can be easily cleaned up.

One of the "tools"  that is ALWAYS on my desk is this one!
You can find it in the shop here - http://artfullcrafts.co.nz/product/8793/AdhesivePickUpSquare.html

This is how I use it to clean up my little spills!

You have made a mess by putting too much glue onto your paper/project.

You gently rub the adhesive eraser over the glue until it balls up onto the eraser and disappears

Once your project dries (it is still wet in this pic) you will not be able to tell there was spilt glue on either the paper or wood part of the project!

The reason the corners are missing from mine is that I have cut them off to make mini erasers for getting into the tiny nooks and crannies of my projects!

Do YOU have any more uses for this awesome little tool?

If you do - post a comment telling us what you use it for - and we will send the person who makes the most useful comment a new one!

If you don't have a google account to comment on the blog - leave your comment on our facebook page here!

Lowri :-)

PS: If you are not sure what solvent glue is - it smells really bad, is highly flammable and you clean up with acetone - it's not for everyone!! I tend to use the Crafters Choice Craft Glue from Spotlight or UHU glue.


  1. It also works on rubbing off rub ons.

  2. Love the idea of the link to the FB page...great little tip too! :)~ Shirl