Thursday, May 5, 2011

School Days ~ Shirl

Good Morning everyone,

I've just recently got my kids School photo's back, so I thought hmmm time to scrap that for their albums...I still love the Kasier "Class of 87" the paper itself is so versitile...
I'm really happy with how this layout turned out! Its nothing like my usual work but I really like the clean lines, it just seems to work with the photo!

I've got another one to show you today, this is of my "Truckie" husband, trying to get a good photo of him is next to impossible, but I got him on a good day and got him right out of his comfort zone when I had a little photo shoot with turned out great, I wanted a real "grungey effect" with this pic, and the plain cardboard lent itself well to distressing and inking....

I used a bit of Kaisercraft "Grunge" paper from about a million years ago, but the colors worked....its good to go back thru your old paper to find something that works, sometimes I get caught up in all the new stuff, and dont even look and the piles of "old" paper I have, its a good feeling to use something that you've had for years....especially if it works!!

I'm looking fwd to this months theme of "Family & Friends"'ll be great to see what everyione else comes up with !

Catch you all soon
~ Shirl :)


  1. Both very cool layouts. The grungy one suits your hubby's pic perfectly. (I too, have a husband who hates his photo being taken)

  2. Love the cardboard effect.

  3. GREAT layouts Shirl. I love the banner on the kids one and the one of your husband is fantastic! Camera shy hubby here too - I LOVE what you have done with the cardboard!!!