Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SENZ Weekly Wednesday - Edition Three

What a great week!

We're always a bit nervous when we release a line-up of 8 classes for an event like SENZ. You aren't sure whether you've chosen the right products or prices etc. So we anxiously awaited the release of the SENZ classes to the VIP's and then the public this week.

We have good news! They have been well received and the bookings are still coming in. We do have spaces available for you - so don't delay and book now.

We have had to make one change to the original timetable. The Timeless Chest of Drawers Class was the stand-out winner and it's now completely filled up. So we made the decision early on the pull the pin on the Party Animals Card class and swap it for another Timeless Drawers Session on Friday 12pm - 2pm. Don't miss out on it!

Don't fear though - we are still going to have the Party Animals packs and instructions at SENZ for you to purchase. You could create the cards at the Crop event on the Saturday night. Here's the sneak peek of that fun kit!

We hope you have been to the SENZ website and seen the line up of classes we have for you. We spent weeks preparing them and days and nights loading them online for you. Our classes are going to be fun and we hope you enjoyed the quirky class descriptions. We've always believed that craft businesses should be leading the way in creativity and fun - that's why we spend hours making nice shop window displays, updating the website, and creating fun classes.

We had a heap of fun coming up with the class descriptions and I have to give the credit to the lovely husband for much of the inspiration. I was so tired on the night that we had to load up the classes that I could have fallen asleep at the laptop! So Graham came to the rescue coming up with the great ideas that summed up the vibe of the classes.

Here's the description for the Timeless Drawers:
"Dim lights; musty smells, curiosities left and right. You pull back the dust cover to find what you've been looking for. Antique Dealers Mel and Al will help you create your own timeless masterpiece - a Chest of Drawers for your treasures. You'll learn antiquing and aging techniques, as well as playing with some of the industry's favourite products. If you've always wanted to know how to make beautiful flowers, then book in your time with the experts at the Roadshow..."

We appreciate all the lovely feedback you leave us too. It makes all those late nights worthwhile!! (This is likely to be another late one!)

You might wonder what goes into working out a class for an event - so here's a basic outline for you:
I dream up the project that I think will be interesting (ie Chest of Drawers), think about some papers that would be good to use, email the tutors Mel and Al at Kaiser and throw the ideas around. They chat about products that could go with it and new techniques that we would like to teach. I put a pack together and send bits and pieces to Aussie for the girls. They create the project, send me a document with codes of what is being used in packs and what is being shared. More discussions, any changes made. Completed projects professionally photographed at Kaiser. Emailed to me. I create Collages. Load the class on the website - this involves checking schedules, writing descriptions (30 mins or more on each one!), uploading images, formatting, saving, checking, previewing, saving, checking 5 times for every detail to be accurate - spelling, bolds, underlines, links to websites etc.) An hour or two later final SAVE! Then load up on the Artfull Crafts website (create class category, cut, paste, format, upload photo, check, check etc!). Liven them up and wait for the bookings! Ring ring first thing in the morning. Check emails - on computer all day printing them, taking phone bookings etc.

Kaiser girls create instructions, show me to check we're all on the same page. Then I order the products for the packs and the share goodies (could be 4 or 5 companies to order from). Waits for goodies to arrive. Packs are created at Artfull Crafts by the capable staff. I think about the class and what other projects can be created in that same range (to show it off). Send packs off to the Design Team and staff to create projects (I'm so busy I don't have time to play!). Lowri, myself and the Team think about the table settings and what special little displays could be in the table centres... Organises it all...

Repeat seven more times...

We've got less than 5 weeks to go...

Nighty Night
:-) Liz

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  1. The planning is hard work but VERY exciting and totally worth it!
    Lowri :-)