Monday, October 3, 2011

Betsy - Kaiser Cards.

Hello everyone - Betsy here today to show some of the cards I have done for Kaisercraft. It sure was exciting to be chosen for such a prestigious position - that being a card designer for Kaisercraft!! Anyway, they sent me over a couple of collections to work with, one being Miss Nellie and the other Bonjour. Both are very different, but equally as nice, and both fun to work with. These collections made their appearance at the big CHA in Chicargo and believe it or not, my cards were on display!

These two Bonjour cards were published in the latest Workshop Magazine - there are also instructions with a list of supplies attached. Do have a go at making these cards - they are easy to make and of course working with Kaisercraft products make them very enjoyable. Don't you agree?

I am actually including another two cards I made using the same collection. As Bonjour has a French or perhaps travel influence, I have made this recessed window card by taking a photo of the web and using Kaisercraft rub-ons to give it a really French look - Eiffel Tower and all. All products used on this card are Kaisercraft of course - the fence, the flowers. I was really pleased with how it turned out.

As I love the vintagey look, these papers lend themselves to this as well. Spellbinders Lotus die was used along with a photo found on Magic- Moonlight- Images website, and those Kaiser Blooms again. What would one do without those blooms!! You will also notice, that I quite often, I use my sewing machine to add a bit of interest. It's not only patchwork I use it for!

It is now lunchtime, I seem to have been adding this blog for some considerable time. Afraid I'm not a Christine as I like my bed too much - just as well I'm no longer raising calves or checking lambs!!
Well everyone, that's about all from me - do have a pleasant day.
With bessings to you all,


  1. Lol Betsy! I have just had to have a wee power nap after my lunch to keep me going! Think I over did it in the garden on the weekend! hope to start weaning some calves this week then I might have more time to get out & about.
    Absolutely love your Bonjour cards!

  2. Gorgeous Betsy! Congrats on your position with Kaisercraft....they are lucky to have you designing for them :)

  3. STUNNING! These cards are so beautiful. And it's lovely to have them on display in the shop too :-)

  4. They took my breath away ! Congrats on your Kaisercraft DT