Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lindsey with "My Scrapbooking Weekend Away"

Hello. Lindsey here to tell you about the amazing scrapbooking weekend I have just had. Ten of us "girls" from Tauranga once again rented a house in Waihi Beach. Now normally I don't actually return home with an awful lot of completed layouts and, if my husband was to ask me to show him the results of my two days away, I would be mightily embarrassed. This time I vowed things would be different. Yes indeedy. My target for the weekend was FIFTEEN layouts (gulp!). Clearly I needed a different way of working to avoid abject failure.

Coincidentally, I was cruising around in cyberspace and noticed that Sunday 16th is "Dictionary Day" on some alternative calendar - probably American. Anyway, you know how brilliant ideas come to you first thing in the morning? No? Neither do I. However, a little chink of light started to form in my befuddled brain and I had an epiphany [a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something].

I would use "Dictionary Day" as my inspiration for the titles and journalling of each layout. Usually I agonise for ages over the journalling and it wastes so much time. I studied my photos during the week leading up to our Retreat and tried to come up with a one-word title and then looked it up in the dictionary and wrote down the definition. On some photos, I added the title with Photoshop prior to printing them so I didn't even have to worry about finding the appropriate alphabet for the title.

The second piece of genius was collating all my "one-photo-sketches" into one folder - for these were going to be my instant inspiration for every layout during the weekend. So before I even began packing, I had photos, titles, journalling, sketch and, in some cases, I had chosen some appropriate Basic Grey papers to "go-with" (another goal this weekend - was to use up some of that huge stash of Basic Grey gorgeousness).

The third brilliant idea was my mantra for the weekend ... ... ... SIMPLIFY [to reduce to basic essentials, to diminish in scope or complexity]. I left a lot of stuff at home. You probably would not have believed that if you had seen the boot of my car which is humongous (that is a proper word - I just looked it up! - who knew).

By now you must be most anxious to ascertain the outcome of all these machinations [scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some usually evil end]. Sounds so much better than "plans". Either that or you have gone off to do something way more interesting - like unpicking an old cardigan or something.

OK - so without further ado - here are the results:

You will notice (those of you who are still awake) that this is just ONE layout. This is because I actually don't have time right now because I want to watch the Rugby.


Come back tomorrow and you will see whether I achieved my goal (no pun intended).


  1. Im loving that layout and the colours as well are great together....

  2. Hehe! Now I'm off to read Part Two. Love the dictionary idea (and the blog post!)