Monday, October 3, 2011

NEW CHALLENGE - Anything Goes!

Hi Everyone - Lowri here.
This month, our Challenge will really allow your imagination to run wild!

Yes - we want to see all your favorite projects from the last couple of months. Maybe it's a card, a layout, a papercraft piece - send it to us for our Challenge.  ANYTHING GOES!!

If you work a 1920's or nautical theme in there too - we will put you in the draw for an extra prize!

We know that some of you love to work from sketches, so here is another fabulous one from Tanya Leigh at Little Shop of Sketches.

This sketch is a little different but I am intrigued by how you will use that cross pattern on the top!
We have an amazing array of "ribbony" embellishments in the shop.I know there is no such word - but I couldn't think of a better one!
How about some of the fabulous ribbon, twine or Green Tara decorative products.

Entering the Challenge
To enter the challenge - send a picture of your project to us.
If you can - please remember to include the following :
  1. Your name! (You would be surprised how many people forget this :-))
  2. Tell us if this is your first time entering - (if it is you are eligible for the First Time Entry prize too)
  3. Your blog (if you have one)
  4. If your project has a special story behind it - we'd love to hear it!

You can send us as many entries as you like. We will be featuring all entries at the end of the Challenge and you can find all the entries on our Competition Gallery.

Please post a comment if you have any questions - we really look forward to seeing your entries and our Christmas Countdown will now begin on October 30th

Lowri :-)

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