Sunday, April 22, 2012

Authentique - Q&A and NEW PRODUCTS COMING!

Hi Everyone - Have you ever wondered what goes into designing a Scrapbook Collection?

Here - one of the Product Designers at Authentique answers our questions PLUS take a look at what new Authentique Products are arriving this week!

How often do you produce a new release and what's coming up that we should be excited about?
It seems everyone wants something new all the time - instant gratification is the name of the game lately. We produce at least one collection per month and in some cases we will release two. We do not want to force too much product into the marketplace, but with our smaller collections, we feel there is a balance between having all of the latest (yet not always greatest) product while still keeping best-sellers in stock. We always have something up our sleeve, but we don’t like to be restricted by a schedule... so when inspiration, hits we design. Keep your eye on Authentique, you won’t be disappointed!

Please explain the style of Authentique
Authentique Paper designs are a modern twist on vintage style. We are heavily influenced by interior design and home decor trends, which we feel are a great cross over to crafting because so many people are making altered art and home decor projects with our papers, in addition to scrapbooks. More then anything our products are designed to evoke the emotion felt when a photo was taken, and again, it is our goal to allow the emotion of an event speak louder than the event itself.

How do you get your creative juices flowing. What inspires you?
Please describe the process from design concept through to product delivery
With technology and the internet constantly streaming, it is impossible to not be inspired on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s as simple as a tree blossoming, the color of the the sky, music in the background, etc. Inspiration comes in the middle of the night or, if we are lucky sometimes in the middle of the day. I will say, we emotions to be a big part of our inspiration process and they are probably the largest contributor to the creative process.

What's your personal all-time favourite Authentique range and why?
I am not sure how to chose just one collection as my favorite but when I look at the creations our DT and fans on Facebook make with our products, many of them help define what Authentique Paper is all about. I always think I have a favorite, but then I see a project created by someone and my mind totally changes!

Tell us how you found your way into the cast at Authentique and are you a keen paper crafter yourself?
Since we are a small company, we all wear multiple hats. As an owner, art director, product designer, blogger, receptionist, order taker/shipper, etc., it all flows into one, and I am loving every minute of it. Our team was selected based on experience, trust, work ethic and high level of commitment. We want to be the best team in the industry from designs all the way to sales and, of course, customer service. We aim for perfection and work very hard to continually improve. As, far as being a keen paper crafter, I am not sure I would go that far, but I do love to work with our products and every once and a while I surprise myself when I complete a project.

Thank-you again to Authentique for sharing this with us - don't forget to enter our Challenge - all the details can be found here

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