Monday, April 9, 2012


Has anyone else been glued to the TV these last couple of days watching the 2012 Masters Golf competition in Atlanta, Georgia? My darling husband has wasted valuable gardening time watching grown men attack a defenceless little white ball with a big stick. When he gets home, on goes the TV, feet go up onto the sofa and I know that I am going to have to listen to them droning on about eagles, birdies and bogeys for hours. Whilst I am bustling around the kitchen (or surfing around Pinterest!) I can hear the commentary and, because we are really lucky and have MySky, I can hear the same commentary two or three times. When he wakes up and realises that he’s slept through the last half an hour, he has a quick rewind and off we go again.

DH has informed me that tomorrow is National Golfers Day. I don’t know whether he expected me to put out bunting or bake a cake or something. I pointed out that every blinkin day is Golfers Day in our house.

To compound my vexation, he has decided that my eldest granddaughter should start golf lessons. Her daddy already plays golf (when he has time) and the other two girls will also be getting lessons eventually. He probably thinks I don't know what he’s up to - oh yes he has a long-term goal. I am just waiting for that joyous occasion when he suggests “Family Golfing Holidays”. I think I would rather eat my own eyeballs.

Anyway, here’s a layout I’ve done to record her first golf lessons (just in case she becomes a famous female golfer in the future). I’ve used the fabulous Authentique papers and kept it pretty simple. The rest of the DT have informed you of the wonderful quality and texture of this product so I won’t go on about that. Suffice to say that this manufacturer deserves a medal for making me actually enjoy scrapbooking a photo of the next generation possibly beginning a lifetime’s infatuation with that ridiculous little ball.

Happy Easter everybody. Thanks for looking.



  1. I don't know much about golf Lindsey, but she sure looks to have the right stance!! Very nice indeed, and I enjoyed your story!! As yet I haven't tried the Authentique papers but am looking forward to a few minutes, when I can!

  2. LOL! I started playing with that little ball last year - and so enjoyed running around the course after it. Then I hurt my arm at Christmas and haven't been able to play this season... (not that I was about to enter the Masters' or anything!). Great layout of course!