Monday, April 30, 2012

Lindsey - Authentique card and box

Hello. Lindsey here with my last creation with the Authentique papers. What a lovely selection of layouts and cards we've seen over the last month and what a pleasure it has been to use this gorgeous paper.

So, I couldn't resist making a box as the paper is a wonderful weight for this type of project.

Cute huh? The colours are quite masculine but the scalloped edge and flower feminize it a little too so I reckon that it would be suitable for either. 

Some of you might be wondering how I made the lid with the scalloped edge. You might even be thinking that I am some kind of a creative genius ...... no? Well you'd be right on that score. I am a great copyist though!!

I saw my dear friend Yolande make one of these ages ago and was very impressed as it's a little different from the usual box lids. I found the instructions at Split Coast Stampers and it's called a "Five in One Template Box". They use an envelope template from Stampin' Up but I think this is a pretty old tutorial and I am not sure that this template is still available. Anyway, I just drew a four inch square then added onto each side a portion of a 4inch circle. I made the circle template with a good old-fashioned compass. Lay that circle up against each side of the square until the corners of the square meet the circumference of the circle. Here's a photo of my finished template. I used the Martha Stewart Scoreboard and some plain Bazzill to make the base of the box.

I hope that all makes sense. It's really simple to make and this is going to be the first of many home-made gift boxes. I actually have a plan to make a mini album to fit into the box but not sure if I will have time before this "goes to air". Maybe I will just have a go at a quick accordian type mini.

We hope that you have enjoyed our "Authentique Month" as much as we have.

Thank you for stopping by.

Lindsey x


  1. This is a gorgeous box and card Lindsey - just love those papers!

  2. Again, lovely Lindsey. The box is so cute and I agree it is a great weight paper for doing boxes. I have enjoyed using this range. Love xx