Sunday, May 20, 2012

MORE Q&A with Teresa Collins and our fave products!

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Did you see the first part of our Q&A post here?  In addition to those questions, we also asked Teresa about the process of creating these fabulous on below for some great insight into the design process.

Here are some of the Teresa Collins Collections we are carrying in the shop right now..

  1. Spring Fling
  2. Fabrications Canvas
  3. Everyday Moments
  4. Fabrications Linen
 How often do you produce a new release and what’s coming up that we should be excited about?
This is a continual daily thing for me. We have two tradeshows a year and I do two mid-releases each year as well. So it never stops! I am so excited to debut three big collections in July at CHA S. I am so in love with the all of them. I have a new Christmas collection, a VINTAGE inspired line and a "JOURNALING" collection that was inspired from my TC idea book which I expressed and encouraged others to "Tell Your Story."

Please explain the style of TCD?
Timeless, Sophisticated and classic in nature. I am known for my journaling elements and mixing in home decor elements within my collections.

How do you get your creative juices flowing. What inspires you?
I am so inspired by shopping and clothing. I travel quite a bit and this always inspires me for upcoming lines. I went to Portugal two weeks ago and came home "inspired." I love magazines and love wedding, and style magazines. Of course, I love my home decor magazines. I designed World Traveler right after I got home from teaching in France.

Please describe the process from design concept through to product delivery.
1. LOTS OF THINKING... ha! What theme or look (trend) I am wanting to do. I keep a notebook in my purse and I'm always sketching and writing down inspiration. I keep a small camera in my purse
as well. Once I know the direction - then things speed up. It's knowing the direction that I am always thinking about and making sure it's the way to go.
2. COLOR... what colors will work well for the time/season, etc. Colors can make or break a line. I know my customer base and I try to maintain who I am in my style and what I will bring to the market.
3. Design my papers first- 18 patterns in a collection (24 for paper pads)
4. Design all the embellishments. Create a well rounded line! This is the easiest part for me. I love EMBELLISHMENTS! I create as if I am doing layouts and a mini book and what I would want to use or say.
5. Send all artwork to be sourced. Design deadlines are about 4 months (minimum) before they are released.
6. Print out papers- do mock ups projects...

What’s your personal all-time favourite TCD range and why?
Oh, that is like asking what is my favorite child. I have five children by birth and two step sons. A few of my ALL TIME favorites- World Traveler, Everyday Moments, Haunted Hallows, POSH... and the new ones are truly right up there with these. I know I'm missing some!!!!

Thank you so much Teresa - it has been wonderful to read more about you and how you create your wonderful product lines. See our Teresa Collins products in the store here.

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  1. Awesome. It must be fun designing and then seeing products through to completion :-)