Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jo - The Brick Wall

Hi everyone Jo here, here is my post for Artfull Crafts today.  I was sent this Fence and heart from Liz, and I have to say it really made me work hard.  I had originally decided to completely change it's whole structure and turn it into an abstract frame, but then I started thinking about all the wonderful things that this fence could mean to me.

A fence can stop people getting in, they can protect you, but they can also stop you from getting some where.  Then I found this really cool saying in my stash of quotes,

This is a brick wall.
It’s in your way.

You can climb over it.

Or tunnel under it.

Or kick it down.

or walk around it.

or Try and find a gate,

Or you can sit down

and weep life is not fair,

wall hating tears.

But let’s be honest:

When you cry, your mascara runs

And so does your nose.

And your eyes get red and puffy

And when you are done

That wall will still be there.

In your way.

But the choice is yours.


This is where the project begins:
I painted the fence sides in black paint, and then covered with paper from the Kaisercraft 75-Cents paper collection called sixpence.  I made these flowers from 75cents 6x6 Paper Pad using the Sizzix Tattered floral die, and adding some other Kaisercraft flowers.  I already had these felt brown leaves, but I decided on a few green leaves for a fresh feel.  


I cut out some Sizzix branches, and put some (yes it is still wet) glossy accents onto some butterflies.  I added this bird from Prima Marketing, but you could make your own out of resin.  I decided not to colour it, as I didn't want it to become that important on the project.   


I printed my poem onto  Kaisercraft Bricks paper from Base Coat collection and added some of these Kaisercraft Wooden Flourishes Borders on the top and the bottom of my poem. 

I added some cute hinges, some jute ribbon.
So here is my finished project. If you like the poem, feel free to copy it, and maybe you can use it in a journal page or make your own brick wall.  Enjoy.   


  1. That saying is great and a perfect combo for the fence! Your creation is lovely :)

  2. Love your project. Your poem really puts things into perspective-well done.