Thursday, September 18, 2014

Betsy's Crafting Space.

Betsy here today to share where all the work gets done!! It will be just a short post as five of us "girls" are heading away for the weekend. A crafting weekend that is. The car is loaded and we are meeting up at 5 o'clock. It is always a fun time and as Monday is South Canterbury Anniversary Day, we are having another day this time. Food, fun  and laughter and hopefully some cards on the sideline.

Liz has made the suggestion that we could share our crafting areas so I have taken a few photos while it is reasonably tidy - it's not always so!!

This is my card making corner seen from the doorway.

A front view of the desk and the shelves used to house all my wooden stamps but we have moved on from then. It is a great place to display not only my cards but ones that friends have kindly given me.

Now this is the view of where I do my patch working and you will also notice the E' Bosser and the Fuse Machine sits on this table. All very handy.

Lastly the other side of the room has a big double cupboard where I store all the card making requirements on one side and my patch work fabrics etc on the other. The wooden cupboard has more card making essentials and essentials they are!! I have recently had a declutter so things are not falling out again, as yet!! It is a very convenient  room but I could always be persuaded to have a build on - not that my husband goes along with that one, mind you!

Must go and get myself organised and I want to do some printing out yet. Do hope you enjoy seeing my workspace. Happy crafting all, have a great weekend and many blessings.


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