Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sharons Update........ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!

Good morning everyone in blogland. Its been a long time since I checked in (my sincere apologies), I have been busy playing mummy to hundreds of babies on the farm.

BUT......I have also had time to play with the new releases from Kaisercraft in fits and starts.

This first layout, was made using the Kaisercraft Mix and Match range found here
I enjoyed the versatility of this range.

Page One, I used splattered paint in the background, then cut apart several of the sheets to get individual elements to adhere to the page. Made good use of the sticker sheet on this one too.

Page two also featured a paint effect in the background, parts of the sticker sheet, and pieces cut from 12x12 sheets

The second collection I used was Outdoor-Trail
A perfect collection for those blokey type photos we all have. Perfect for the men in your life who love the great outdoors, or for those of you who getting back to nature and enjoying a spot of camping.

For this page, I used lots of layered pieces of paper to showcase a photo I took in Scotland earlier this year (photo is a lit lop sided sorry! laptop and have not worked out the straighten tool yet lol)

Any how. These are a few of the things I have been up to in the craft room. 

Which leads me to the dratted photos of my space! As you know this month we are sharing our crafting areas, wherever that may a huge purpose built room, or from a shoebox under the bed!

Heres my workspace. My desk in all its glory!!!! 

This little container I have sitting on my desk to hold little 6x4 lettering or Project Life cards to add to pages. Its actually a "flyer holder" that I picked up from the Sallies for about $5. I have two of them, and really like them.

I have used the Cropper Hopper system to store papers and card stock for years. I love this system. You can get the girls at the shop to order in the vertical paper holders, and i recently bought a new type, which I love storing kits in.

 My room is quite small, so I make the most of these bookshelves I bought from the warehouse stationery. they are great because they hold 12x12 containers, with room to spare.
 Lots of people seem to struggle with storage of things like die cuts. I use these containers to sort my die cuts into colour coordinated groups. the 6x4 containers store a heap of die cuts, and keep them all tidy......most of the time !!!

I could not let this blog post go by, without showing you my two darlings!!!!! The typewriter from the early 1900s has a larger than usual carriage, and this means I can type directly onto my pages if I want to.
It sits atop an old filing system I bought from a second hand shop. I have several of these in my room. These ones are the perfect depth and height for my thickers! Love that I can pull open the drawer, and grab the colour of my choice.
I also use another set for photo storage. (This really needs to be sorted through and lots ditched.....who needs 57 photos of one child in the school play )

Since these photo have been taken, I have made new curtains for my space, and hope to have a paint job done in the summer.
Its not a flash harry room...... it is what it is......and its my haven.

Happy scrapping everyone.
(Come back next week to see what I have been doing with pocket pages!!!)


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  1. Awesome! I super love that first one with the white splatters!!! Pinned.