Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lisa - sharing my crafting space

Good morning! I hope your Saturday has started off well! :) It's Lisa here, with a few pictures of my craft room to show you, to tie in with this month's theme of "Share Your Space." I always love seeing pictures of where other people create their arty masterpieces, and I'm always looking for new inspiration when it comes to storage ideas for supplies. When I win Lotto (haha, any day now, I'm sure!) I will hire an expert to come and redesign my creative space for me complete with all kinds of useful and innovative ideas to ensure everything is at my fingertips when I need it. (Every crafter's dream, right?) In the meantime, I'm making do with my own eclectic space, where everything does have a place, even if I do struggle to remember exactly where that place is. ;)

This is the view of my room as you walk in-- nice big double glass doors that lead into the garden, and plenty of wall space, which I have covered with favourite posters, repurposed pictures frames, photographs and artwork made by myself and fellow artist friends from around the globe. My storage is an assortment of metal filing cabinets (I have two), several sets of wooden bookcases from The Warehouse, and various sets of plastic drawers.

In this shot you can see an essential item on my desk on the right-- my stereo. I love to have music playing when I'm in the creative frame of mind, and I admit that there is plenty of chair dancing that happens. ;)

This is my desk area, with plenty more artwork on the walls surrounding me. It's nice to have eye candy for inspiration whenever I look up from what I'm doing. :) My desk itself is huge-- it's an ex-Post Office desk that I found on TradeMe for the bargain price of $80. It has around 9 huge deep storage drawers on the far side, as well as a cupboard on the opposite side (on the front at the left of the picture.) Because it's so huge, I'm able to keep my most-used supplies around the edge of it so that they're always within easy reach. :)

Lastly, an aerial view of my desk, taken as I stood on my chair. You can see some of those most-used supplies I mentioned-- Project Life cards, wooden veneers, inks, sprays, double-sided tape, paper scraps, my tiny attacher, and a myriad of pens, pencils and glue. The layout-in-progress is a 12x12, so I have plenty of space all around me as I work.

There's also a huge storage cupboard to the left of my desk (not pictured) which houses all of the overflow and other bits and pieces. I desperately need to get in there and have a really good sort out, but there's a very real danger I might get lost and never be seen again. It really is THAT full of stuff. ;)

And that's it! I've actually just spent the past couple of days rearranging and tidying this space up, so it's nice to be able to show it off when it's looking better than it has in a while. As well as being more organised, it's inspired me to spend more time in there, pottering around, which is always a bonus! :)

Thanks so much for looking, and don't forget to share your creative space as well!

Lisa :)


  1. Lisa, you have a very good craft place!

    1. thanks so much-- I love spending time in there creating stuff. :)