Saturday, July 4, 2009


Well done to Kelly and Jenny! You've won a FREE Kaisercraft magazine. Pleae email me your address and I'll get it in Monday's Post for you. (

Keep trying Bridgette - your day will come!!

If you want to win a FREE Kaisercraft magazine just leave a comment on this blog. Each day I'll draw 2 winners... (I haven't heard from Serena and Fleur yet - Thursday's winners!).

Keep reading below for more ways to win. The rest of the world are waking up to Kaisercraft too and yesterday I had an order from Holland!! I'll be reordering some collections on Monday too - just so we don't run out...

Right I'm off to make some more cards now with these beautiful new papers. In fact, I'm going to turn the computer off for a few hours. It's become an addiction this thing!

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Congratulations ladies, wow an order from Holland cool. Cant wait to see more of your stunning cards that you make Liz, have a good weekend

  2. Ok Liz I will keep on trying. You got to love a trier. and wow Holland that is great news for you and your business.

  3. I love the new Kaiser range. Can't wait to buy some.-Kellie L

  4. lol bridgette, ill join you and keep trying - you gotta be in to win, right?!!!


  5. I got my book today Liz they are totally amazing books and ill be sure to buy the next one when it comes out, they are way cool and have such amazing ideas in them, do you have most of the product thats in the book? i so want to do an order but need to save the pennys so i can do the loving there new stuff

  6. How excellent that you got an order from Holland!! Yay!! Trying to win one of the mags for my best friend now, who is an avid scrapbooking, but on a very tight income, so it would make her week! Fingers crossed!

  7. Cool - pleased you like the mag. Not sure why the post is so slow up there lately!! Mmm yes I appear to have a fair chunk of what's in the book! But I don't have many of the stamp sets yet and some of the oler BTP projects. But I can order anything in for you...