Saturday, July 25, 2009

Recovering - again!!

I've been quiet on the blog front! I've been quiet on all fronts really. I've been recovering from the second operation this month... This one was the major one after they discovered extensive endometrioisis on the first op!! So they've cut my stomach 6 inches across and stapled me up again. Yip - staples not stitches... Not sure how they plan to get them out of me...

Anyway, I got home from my 4-day hospital stay just last night - just in time for Fish and Chip Friday!! Luckily I had just got my apetite back.

These are the lovely "Thrombosis Stockings" that I had to wear during my stay! Love the mix and match PJ's!

Highlights of hospital... Mmm.. the food was really good! I had the best room in the place with a great view of Timaru and the snowy hills. I didn't have to lift a finger. I got lovely flowers from my family, cards and food from friends and I had lots of visitors each day!

Lowlights...Mmm... they got me out of bed for a shower the day after the operation and then 2 hours later made me get up again and start walking!! That was awful and rather mean...! Uncomfortable in most positions. Couldn't sleep much (either I woke up in discomfort or I got woken up by someone! Wind... I'll say no more about that!

So I'm home now and sitting up a but more today. All the muscles in my back are aching - but those 720 paracetamol the doctor prescribed will help. YES - 720 of them!! I made hubby ring the Pharmacy to see if an error hadn't been made. Here's the photo of the big liftime supply I now have. How much pain am I supposed to be in?

I can't drive for SIX weeks... and what a shame - no vacuuming or lifting either... Maybe I'll have to limit myself to crafts and more crafts. Ang blog-hopping! Vicki has been doing a fine job keeping the business running smoothly and she's coming in all next week as well. Whew! How wonderful to have people you can rely on to help out when times get tough! Thanks Vicki! Junaita is swanning off in America (we're jealous really!) so I hope she has the best time over there.

Husband Graham will also be home all next week - so he'll be joining in the business fun too (except he refuses to try his hand at scrapbooking...)

Stock kept pouring through the door while I was away - all the new Cuttlebug Folders and the Spellbinders (Yum). More Kaiser goodies and a selection of 3-D paper tole images for cardmakers. And more cuttlebug machines and a top up of Basic Grey and Glimmer Mist. I might just have to have a play with some of those things over the next few days...

I'll display some graphic images for you later this afternoon...!

Enjoy the weekend and happy crafting.


  1. Hope your feeling better soon. I remember after my c-section with Liam not being able to do alot, but great reason tog et out of hanging washing and vacumming, they made me get up and shower as soon as i could but i actually didnt find it to be too painful. Yay for addictions like scrapbooking for times like these, and good to hear you have a great husband and friends to help you out with the shop etc....

  2. Hiya! Glad to hear your op was straightforward, and wishing you a speedy recovery. I hope you can manage some crafting while you're recuperating!

  3. trust you are feeling better, if not right now then very soon!

  4. sending you hugs and well wishes for a speedy recovery