Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tips and techniques with Dimensional Magic - Tina Connolly

Hi everyone, it's Tina here with some ideas on using Dimensional Magic.

Dimensional Magic is a very versatile product, but many people are unsure how to use it. I use mine all the time, and find it lasts for ages.   For me it's a necessity alongside tape and  ink.  Here are a few of my favourite ways to use it.

1. As a strong glue! It's fantastic for glueing buttons, shells, plastics, acrylic, and metal.   I use it on acrylic albums because I want it to last, and I know it will hold.

2. As a glaze on chipboard or other embellishments to give it a glossy look.
 It was hard to capture this, but the doodled flowers, & yellow icing are glossy.  I also highlighted every second line on the wrapper of the cupcake.

3. To create "dew" on your flowers, add a few little droplets on the petals

4. It's brilliant for attaching glitter or Diamond Dust to your projects. Simply put Dimensional Magic where you want the glitter & sprinkle the glitter on. (N.B.  It works great if you dip flowers into the Diamond Dust, gives a nice and chunky look.)

5. To highlight a pattern on paper. It has a pointed tip which allows very precise application of this product.
The dark part of the bracket was covered in Dimensional Magic, and provides a nice contrast  to the flat background. 

 I highlighted "Sisters"on the title, and parts of the patterned paper.

 I've used Dimensional Magic on the guitar,  faux photo corners, and title .

6. To create texture on acrylic albums. Create your own swirls, grid patterns, etc.

7. To attach small items such as beads, microbeads, & Flowersoft.

8. It can be used in the same manner as Glossy Accents (which is used by Tim Holtz in many of his videos, & books)

9.  Creates a cool 3-D effect when you mix glitter into it on your chipboard.  I use a pinhead or toothpick.

10.  You  can make jewellery by using it in the same manner as resin.

11.  Use it to create a resist, allow to dry.  Distress Ink or Glimmer Mist over your paper, then buff off the excess.   (I will do a quick tutorial on this in my DT post next week.)

Tips for use
Do not shake the bottle.  This will create bubbles (use a pin to pop them while still wet)
Use a needle or pin to unclog the nozzle.
It is a little cloudy when wet, but dries clear.
Turn bottle at angle and squeeze gently to release liquid.
Use the pointed tip for easy and even application.
Outline your work, then fill in.
Allow to dry for 24 hours before handling  (It will dry alot faster in the Queensland summers)
Keep out of extreme temperatures or humidity while drying to prevent cracking.

Please let me know if you found this helpful.

Happy Scrapping!


  1. Great tips thanks Tina I do use it but not as often as I should..

  2. I LOVE my bottle of dimensional magic and use it often, I dont tend to use it as a glue but great to know it has a strong hold...I will have to give #4 a try the flower looks great. I mainly use mine on chipboard letters and give them a couple of coats also on stickers to make them stand out a bit more. Im working on an album as a gift and I have used dimentional magic quite a bit in it gotta love the stuff so many ideas and ways to use it as you have shown above

  3. Awesome post. I must use it with my diamond dust. I han't even thought about that! The new Kaiser flowers are FABULOUSLY beautiful (they should arrive next week...) and they will look great with this technique. Cheers!

  4. Fantastic ideas Tina.

    Great to know you can use it the same way as Glossy Accents - which I have and have never used. Not to mention it is a lot cheaper

    Also - I would never thought of using it as a glue!

  5. At my LSS they keep looking at me strange when I use it as a glue, then usually end up buying some by the end of the class! I love the precision tip, it means you don't get glue all over your project.

  6. I too love the precision tip and your tips in the post remind me of ways to use it so thanks for sharing.

  7. I have never heard of this stuff before. Sounds like something I need. :)

  8. Yay! Tina you are full of such great projects and information. We love you babe! I have this stuff and it's my goto glue for anything 3D! thanks for the great tips. Have you tried adding color with rinkers?


  9. What a great article! You covered it all - I love it!

  10. Thank you for all the tips. Just found some at Hobby Lobby and have tried it just once but I love it so far.